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Reverend Diana George

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Reverend Diana George
Reverend Diana George
PO Box 998
Makawao, HI 96768

Aloha Friends

My name is Rev Diana George and I have had the privilege of performing weddings on Maui and Oahu for almost 11 years. That adds up to a lot of weddings and, for me, every one of them has been unique and special.

What I want for you is for us to bring our full presence to your ceremony and participate from our hearts, so that your ceremony will raise your relationship to a fuller, yet more spacious plane.

Such a ceremony can create a true integration of your lives and energies. It can open previously unknown doors in your hearts and bring you to a new level of commitment and love.

There is more that I want for your wedding. I want your ceremony to reflect and amplify the caring and patience you have shown to each other in your most important and closest relationship. This is what has brought you here, to our tropical paradise of Maui, to be wed.

I want your wedding to be something other than a "canned" or memorized presentation. I want it to help create an opening, facilitate a meeting and melding of your two hearts, minds, and bodies, and create an unbreakable bond between the two of you that transcends worldly cares and endures beyond labels - a true marriage of soul mates.

In my ceremonies I seek to create a non-physical field of Unconditional Love for us to enjoy, that reaches to all levels and is available for all of us to experience now, as we are now.

I am pleased to incorporate elements of your own personal belief system into your ceremony if you desire it. I am a student of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, New Age modalities, as well as the beautiful Hawaiian culture.

Over these 11 years I have seen that, despite differences in methodology, all these traditions have in common a basic trust in, and adherence to, the belief that a plane of consciousness far above the human level does exist, one that affects our own. I hope that your wedding will be a true marriage that touches this higher level. This is the basis of a penetrating and ever-evolving marriage of two into one.

Your wedding, and your marriage, can be that and all you hope for, and I would be honored to officiate at your sacred ceremony.

Rev Diana George is available for ceremonies on all of the Hawaiian islands. Call 808-281-5772.

Rev Diana George
Beach wedding with Rev Diana George - Photo by Joe D'Alessandro Photography
Rev Diana George blows the conch shell - Photo by Gordon Nash Photography