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Celia's Quilts Maui

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Celia's Quilts Maui
Celia Andrade Fraser
47-681 Lamaula Rd Box P
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Celia Fraser of Celia's Quilts

Taught to sew in her early teens by a seamstress mom, her skills polished by summer classes with Mrs Yamase, Celia enjoyed making her own clothes. Yet she filled her life with studies, then a teaching career, then a husband and sons, and (always) community service, letting her Mom sew everything for everyone!

After parent-caring over a six year period in the '90s, Celia and her husband hit the road to show this "island girl" the mainland. While RVing Celia revisited her love of color and creating on her simple Jenome sewing machine, taking classes as they traveled through 30 states and 6 provinces. Family were the first to receive bed quilts assembled in various RV park community rooms!

Returning to Maui, involvement in the Maui Quilt Guild expanded Celia's interest and led her to take more classes and use Hawaiian fabrics to effect; however, she declines to make "Hawaiian Quilts" which take too much time to complete. Her lively personality requires more activity!

In the Maui craft fair market and, now, the Honolulu one, her vibrant quilts make for much favorable comment about color combinations and fabrics that run the gamut of anthurium to shark to sushi. She usually makes one of a kind, keeping her enthusiasm and wonder alive.

Because she does commissioned work as well, many of her quilts are more conventional patchwork patterns and materials. It is her joy to give her customers just want they want.

Are you ready to start your Custom Quilt? Email Celia and see what's possible!

Celia's Quilts Maui
Flip Flop Summer Quilt (sold)