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Reverend Kahu Kamuela

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Reverend Kahu Kamuela
Maui Loa Weddings
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Kahului, Hawaii 96733
Kahu Kamuela, Maui Wedding Officiant

Reverend Kahu Kamuela

Reverend Kahu Kamuela is a direct descendant of the Mahihelelima Ohana. They were Nakoa warriors for the great King Kamehameha. In the 1900's the Mahihelelima ohana moved to Maui and made their home in the Kumuwiliwili area. The ohana served as konohikis or protectors for the beautiful and lush Iao Valley.

Born and raised here on the beautiful island of Maui, Reverend Kamuela immersed himself in the Hawaiian culture. Being a Traditional Hawaiian Minister, 2nd generation uniki'd Kumu Hula and Master Chanter, Reverend Kamuela understands the need for Native Hawaiian traditions, rituals, and Olelo I Hawaii (language). These traditions which he holds dear and perpetuates will be shared with you through chant, the aloha spirit, and song as we unite and celebrate the joining of two hearts. As the Pu (conch) announces the arrival of the bride we welcome you with the beautiful Hawaiian Chant Onaona. E hoapili kaua na kau a kau (the joining of 2 for all time).


Your vow ceremony itself is the heart and soul of your wedding day. It sets the pace for a spectacular journey that is created for two. It is the opening of a new chapter in your life. The Aloha spirit and skill of the minister, the sermon, the feelings that are evoked, all contribute to making this special event an unforgettable and delightful occasion. We invite you to experience the Aloha, the quality, and the sincerity that makes Maui Loa Weddings one of a kind.

Kahu Kamuela, Maui Wedding Officiant

Hawaiian Blessings & Ash Scatterings

A Celebration of life everlasting ~ I have done many traditional Hawaiian blessings of ohana's, keiki, homes, businesses, property, and Hawaiian traditional ash scattering throughout the island of Maui. Let me share with you the mana'o of my people, their traditions, and most of all their Aloha spirit. In the words of my ancestors "there is no good bye only until we meet again."

Maui is a very powerful and spiritual island. Our island is also referred to as the home Na Wai Eha. The 4 sacred (living) waters from the mountains to the sea. We utilize the water and la'au lapa'au, from the aina in all sessions. The Ti plant played a very large part in the life of my Hawaiian ancestors. It was used for food preparation, clothing, medicine, and of course blessings. Some protocol has been passed on by Kahuna La'au lapa'au or Kahuna that used Hawaiian healing methods.

In Hawaii Spiritual Ceremonies, blessings, prayers, and rituals are sacred. We are here to assist you on your path, to guide you spiritually, balance you emotionally, and strengthen you mentally.


Dear Reverend Kamuela,
We just wanted to express how thankful we are to have met you. You made our wedding day the most cherished moment in our lives. Your Ceremony was absolutely wonderful and full of tender and heartfelt moments. Please extend our appreciation to your wife Reverend Mahailani. Without her help I would have been a nervous wreck. If you are ever in Arizona please look us up. You are not only our minister, but now a life-long friend.
Deanne & Jim

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