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Clarissa Koenig Wedding Photography

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Clarissa Koenig Wedding Photography
Clarissa Koenig

Clarissa Koenig

The beauty of nature and the incredible light that surrounds me is a constant inspiration for my work.

Water, air, fire, earth - the elements are part of my pictures. Nature is my studio, be it the porch of my house, the beach, the ocean, the private and public gardens, the trees and meadows, mountains, vineyards, and valleys.

To me photography is about being in the moment, and capturing something beyond what the eyes can see. It is about capturing the true essence and beauty that shines through every being, the very essence of the person in this moment. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be invited into your life to photograph your love story. The passion and the excitement of being there with my camera as a witness to this beauty is ever new and the joy never fades.

Member of PPA - Professional Photographers of America


Clarissa is a fabulous photographer. She allowed our personalities to shine through, making us feel as comfortable as possible. Her style is such that she was able to capture our natural beauty without our having to "pose" and the spirit of the wedding was able to come through in all of her photos. Clarissa went above and beyond what we could have ever expected in a photographer--she showed up at 4 am for our sunrise ceremony! She was very respectful, professional, and creative. We couldn't have asked for anyone better.

— Haley and Ben Callahan

The Bridal Party by Clarissa Koenig
Bridal Veil with Pearls by Clarissa Koenig
Bride's Daughter by Clarissa Koenig
Bare Feet by Clarissa Koenig