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AOA Diamonds, Inc.

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AOA Diamonds, Inc.
Omi Chamdi
PO Box 880303
Pukalani, HI 96788
AOA Diamonds is a direct importer and wholesaler of the finest cut diamonds in the world.

Since 1997, our customers have been high end jewelry stores on the mainland. These customers expect a consistent supply of finely cut diamonds, high level of integrity, and customer service at a competitive price.

In Hawaii, AOA Diamonds is now offering the same opportunity to the individual buyer as the jewelry industry.

Quality, integrity, and excellent customer service at the best possible price.

AOA Diamonds is opening its doors to the public. What does this mean to you? Simply the brightest, most beautiful diamonds at a price you won't believe.



At AOA Diamonds, we never appraise our own diamonds. We believe that to be a bit of a "conflict of interest." All our diamonds are appraised by an expert independent gemologist, certified by the gemological institute of America or GIA.

Expert Repair and Design

I offer expert design with you in a relaxed one-on-one atmosphere. The start to finish process of custom design will include the initial meeting where we will understand your ideas and passions. Then, a wax model or design made with the latest computer jewelry software technology will be sent to you via email for approval. Once approved, master craftsmen will produce a high quality work of art to last a lifetime. This whole process will take a few days to 4 weeks.

I offer expert repairs by talented, master jewelers. Because of close relations, most repairs take only 24 to 48 hours. All repairs are guaranteed to be done right the first time.


My goal is to help you become an educated buyer. After a short time during your first visit you will be able to identify and realize the 4 C's and understand why diamonds of the same weight can cost and look different. The 4 C's are Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut.

It's important to look for the following basic things before buying...

Quality - Make sure the diamond you are buying is an ideal or premium cut diamond. Cut is the only "C" that controls light refracting in and out of a diamond, causing it to be full of life and brilliance or tired and sleepy if poorly cut.

Selection - Unlike most online diamond websites that leave you on your own to browse their dealers' stock database, at AOA Diamonds, I will use my years of experience and connections to the best diamond cutters in the world to choose the best diamond available on the market for you while keeping the highest possible standards of the four C's.

Service - Should you pay for future cleaning, repairs, or rhodium plating? (ALL white gold jewelry goes through a process called rhodium plating.) At AOA Diamonds I don't think you should.

Value - Diamonds can change hands several times from the cutter all the way to your finger. With AOA Diamonds we close the gap between you and the actual cutter.

Guarantee - We have the best guarantee in the business. While we strive to exceed your expectations in every way, a full 30 day refund with no questions asked will be given for diamonds sold from inventory. A 5 day full refund for special diamonds that are brought in for you. If your plans or circumstances change, you can get your money back so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by calling me at 808-276-4223.

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