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Joseph Narrowe of Distinctive Weddings

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Joseph Narrowe of Distinctive Weddings
Reverend Joseph R Narrowe
PO Box 1415
Puunene, HI 96784
808-727-2449, 808-281-6622 Cell
Reverend Joseph Narrowe is a licensed wedding officiant who has been officiating at interfaith, non-denominational, and Jewish weddings and vow renewals on Maui since 1987. Joseph is known for his highly personalized and poetic ceremonies that are customized to the unique love and relationship of each bride and groom. His ceremonies are always meaningful, memorable, and from the heart.

About Joseph Narrowe:

I firmly believe in a "universal consciousness" - whether you call it God, Self, Atman, Christ, Allah, Adonai, Buddha, Jehovah, etc. - that pervades all of life. God is found within each of us and that divinity is the life factor of us all. I always begin my ceremonies with an affirmation of that connection, saying, "God dwells within us as ourselves." As a couple, the key concept to love is the respect, appreciation, honor, and trust of one person to the other, creating a sacred space that will not be violated by either one.

To love each other is to recognize the love and respect we hold dear because we acknowledge our oneness to the whole of existence. My ceremonies affirm that belief structure and celebrate the love and connection the bride and groom have to each other and to the world itself. This belief is neither religious nor non-religious. This belief exalts the human spirit in its journey through this life. The couple are individuals with their own belief structures and their own desires. Together they are stronger, reinforcing and supporting each other through their individual journeys. They are partners and yet separate, joining together to celebrate and unify their existence, bringing each other greater clarity in the pursuit of happiness, joy, understanding, and meaning in their life together.

A wedding is a time of great joy and happiness - a time of optimism, commitment, affirmation, and blessing. It is the time for two lovers, friends, and partners to make their commitment public. Marriage is truly a very special promise, a potential made in the hearts of two people who love each other, which literally takes a lifetime to fulfill.

Joseph considers it a sacred honor and privilege to share with a couple this profoundly "special day" and does his utmost to express in words their values and aspirations in the present and into the future.


We absolutely loved the ceremony you created for us. You really took the time to know us prior to the ceremony. Our vows, your comments, and all the readings you chose reflected what was truly in our hearts and captured who we really are. Giving us a copy of the ceremony was such a thoughtful thing to do. Of course we will keep it forever.

— Frank & Nicole Azzopardi

Reverend Joseph Narrowe