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Elaine Olson - Harpist

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Elaine Olson - Harpist
Elaine Olson

Harp Music for Weddings

Harp music is wonderful for weddings or any special occasion.

I'm available as a solo harpist, or as a member of a duo or ensemble. Whether you are having a small informal wedding on the beach, or a large elegant party in a hall, you'll find that live music will be a beautiful and memorable part of your event.

I've been living on Maui since 1980, and playing the harp since 1992, when I built my first small harp from a kit. My main harp these days is a walnut Triplett Eclipse, a "lever" harp with 38 strings. I also play the Celtic wire strung harp with its bell-like sound. I have a Triplett 30-string wire harp. I also have a smaller "lap harp" which can be used for hospital visits and the like.

I also play Celtic harp, English concertina, ukulele, and guitar, especially with the group Tropical Harps. I also play banjo and concertina with Upcountry Celtic.

Please visit my website to see my song list and listen to sample music clips. You can contact me using the contact form on my website. Mahalo!

Elaine Olson with Celtic Harp